IMPROV PILLOW 022 *read description*
IMPROV PILLOW 022 *read description*

IMPROV PILLOW 022 *read description*

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*Approximate* dimensions: 19'' x 19''- This pillow was cut slightly short, but it still fits into a 20" pillow form- shown in photo. Thats why the price is slightly lower than the others. It is so so subtle, but I wanted to make sure it was called out before purchase!

Modern handmade one of a kind quilted pillow cover. Machine pieced and quilted with 16" zipper closure. Made from 100% Kona Cotton and all natural batting. The pillow back is made using a matching black cotton fabric. 

This product is a one of a kind piece and will not be able to be replicated exactly again. 

Due to the nature of this being a handmade item, some imperfections are to be expected, however none of the handmade imperfections will compromise the integrity of the construction. 

Pillow form can be included for $20 more which covers the cost of the form as well as the shipping. Just add PILLOW FORM into your cart. You can find this listing in the shop by searching PILLOW FORM ONLY. If you would like to purchase your own pillow form, you can find this size at your local IKEA or at most home product shops and craft stores.