her work.

Arianna Caggiano is a modern quilt designer and fiber artist based out of her home studio in Minneapolis, MN.

Her work is primarily focused on designing and creating ultra modern quilted home goods and accessories. She primarily uses cotton fabrics and thread although she does love to mix in linen and raw silk on occasion.

Her body of work is somewhat of a dichotomy in that she goes from meticulously planned designs to mindfully improvised patchwork and switches back and forth in order to stay fresh and also to avoid feeling burnt out.

Although these two processes are so completely different, her work sits together and works together as a collection.


If she’s not quilting, she’s hanging out outside hiking or camping with her doggo, Sammich, and her fiance, Andrew. She has big plans to hike many miles and see all of the national parks she can.  She loves her coffee black, her tea green, and her wine red. Her favorite color right now is golden yellow. Her favorite cheese is Irish porter. She works to true crime podcasts and documentaries and wonders why she is also cant sleep at night. Her favorite Sunday activity is listening to Billie Holiday in the kitchen and trying out a new recipe.